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Connecting to the food supply

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Blog

Relationships with food industry partners means we make connections when the need is greatest.

Over 35 years ago, Calgary Food Bank founders recognized the importance of redirecting viable food to support the community. We continue to connect the dots through food gleaning direct from industry. We connect with food retailers to help them understand the importance of donating quality items; and we work with transportation companies to get the food where it needs to be. That’s only the beginning. About 80% of our food donations come from more than 300 partners, and that represents critical relationships with grocery stores, retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, transportation companies and farms. All of us, working together to create a hunger-free community with quality food that would otherwise go to waste.

Walmart Canada is committed to building communities. We believe that every family should have access to safe, affordable and nutritious food. But we realize for many families, this is not a reality. We are proud to work with the Calgary Food Bank to donate our unsold food, and to get it to those who need it most. Through this important partnership, we hope to make a real difference in relieving hunger in our community. – Adam Zenzeluk Store Manager, Royal Oak Walmart

Sometimes connections are made at the least expected and most wonderful times. On a tour of our warehouse, 10 local Walmart Managers marveled at the Baby Room and our efforts to address the other needs of families with diapers and formula. We know that if you are struggling to put food on the table, the cost for diapers and formula can be quite out of reach. But we rely solely on donations and often do not have everything that a parent may need. Walmart managers obey restrictions around expiry dates and the connection to move close-to-date formula to families in need was created!


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Even individual donors become part of the food movement process. Last Spring, a former client wanted to give back with the cooperation of a local family owned produce wholesaler, by donating fruit and vegetables on a monthly basis. Once a month items such as apples, bananas and carrots are pre-arranged for pick-up from Freestone Produce and promptly distributed so that clients receive the freshest content in their hampers. 

When we work together, food gets to where it needs to be and we start to create a hunger-free community.  


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